Friday, May 14, 2010

Setting Modem + Wireless Router (All-in-One)

hari ini aku nak ajar sikit tips macam mana korang nak setting wireless router.Kebiasaannye la selepas korang beli Modem + Wireless Router (All-in-One) korang akan hadapi masalah xleyh nak set automatic connect internet. pastu problem lagi lampu dekat Modem + Wireless Router (All-in-One) xmenyala plak. pastu mula aa cakap ni barang rosak la...tipu la...padahal benda tu xrosak pon just salah setting. ala lebih kurang macam korang setting tepet dekat motor aa.

model Modem + Wireless Router (All-in-One) yang selalu ada problem nak setup internet ini adalah:-

1) Aztech (Modem + Wireless Router All-in-One)

2) TP-LINK (Modem + Wireless Router All-in-One)

For Aztech

Internet ---- Aztech DSL 305e ---- Switch/Hub ---- Client


Internet ---- Aztech DSL 305e ---- Single Client

Cara untuk setup Aztech DSL 305e modem untuk fungsi router?

1. Attach and connect the Aztech DSL 305e modem to any PC.

2. Open your favorite browser and type this IP address:

3. The browser will request the ID and password in order to access the Aztech DSL 305e modem configuration.

4. Enter this value to access it:
ID = admin
Password = "null"

Note that "null" value here means that just leave it as a blank password. No need to key in anything, just press the Enter key.

5. Click on Network Address Translation [NAT] under Advanced Configurations, and click it to enable this feature.

Click submit to proceed.

6. Click Admin Mode.

7. Under Configurations, click WAN.

Under PVC Profile, set Protocol/Encapsulation to PPPoE LLC.

8. In PPP configuration, please enter your username@streamyx and password. This information can be obtained from the TMNet slip.

Enable "Auto reconnect when ADSL link down?", and set Enabled to "Enable auto reconnect to ISP when lauching web browser?".

9. Under DHCP Client, and enable "Enable DHCP Client?" features, and include this value in Host Name box.

10. Click Apply.

11. Now we have done almost 80% of the Aztech DSL 305e modem configuration. Next is to insert DNS information in the modem configuration.

Under Configurations, go to DNS. Under DNS Proxy Selection, select Use User Configured DNS Server Only, and under User Configuration:
Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :
12. Click Apply.

13. Under Security option, click Save Settings.

14. Click Save button, and voila, your modem will reboot.

15. Finish!!

Reset router to factory setting, (guna jarum cucuk dekat blakang router)

log in router dekat firefox or internet explorer (kebiasaan nye untuk TP-LINK)
>>masukkan username & password (biasanye username: admin password : admin) >> click interface setup >> click internet

VPI = 0
VCI = 35
ISP = PPP0A/PPPoEusername = username@streamyxpassword = streamyxpasswordencapsulation = PPPoE LLCbridge interface = deactivatedconnection = always onget ip address = dynamic

sekarang baru leh masuk internet

P/S: setelah aku buat benda ni baru aku sedar moral nye jangan beli modem + router wireless murah. nak sedap beli yang high class sket cam brand LINK SYS,BUFFALO,BELKIN,3COM baru aa ko senang nak setting tak payah pening kepala. just skali tekan sahaja terus dapat setting follow wizard dia je. kalo ko beli model macam ni murah memang murah TP-LINK W8901G ni aku dapat murah je sebenar nye dalam RM80 je harga dist. kalo korang mahal aa kot dapat paling murah pon korang akan dapat RM99 - RM114. kalo brand mahal-mahal tu harga dia mau RM200 - RM350 :D


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